Respite Services

Note: Bannister In Home Care is not currently a participant in the Commonwealth Respite/Carelink facility based programs.
We deliver home based respite only at this stage.

Respite Services

Taking care of your family and loved ones is not something most of us do simply because we feel we have to, but as a way of ensuring they receive the home care they deserve. However, as you dedicate your time to meal preparation, home support and general day-to-day tasks, the reality is that you might neglect your own health and wellbeing.

All too often, caring for your loved ones saps an incredible amount of energy, something that ultimately leads to strained relationships, social isolation and burnouts. We know it can be hard to ask for help when you feel responsible for your family members’ care. Yet, respite services can help give the level of support your loved ones need while looking after your personal health as well.

At Bannister In Home Care, we are dedicated to helping you lead a balanced and happy life and providing your family with the assistance they need at the same time.

A full time family caring role is not sustainable

A car doesn’t run on an empty tank, and neither do you. If you’re caring for an elderly or disabled family member, you might be neglecting your own needs and exhausting yourself to provide them with the attention and support they require. Bannister’s professional, experienced and trustworthy team allows you to take a break to attend other everyday activities or even go for a holiday without needing to worry about the quality of support given in your absence.

With studies from the Australian Institute of Family Studies indicating that carers are at much higher risk of depression and chronic disease, it’s important to recognise how crucial it is to take the time to refuel. After all, sometimes a little bit of space to breathe can enable you to return more energised and focused than before.

At the core of respite services is the goal of providing an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone involved. With Bannister, this means that the level of involvement from us is tailored exactly to your needs and doesn’t have to be ongoing.

What do respite services entail?

Generally speaking, respite service is short-term, intermittent support that’s interwoven with the care network available to you and your loved ones. This means that respite care can be only for a few hours or days while you attend to an urgent matter, or multiple times a week for an extended period of time so you can regularly recharge your batteries.

As with all of our in home care services, we facilitate personalised solutions at Bannister. Some seniors may, for example, simply need help with meal preparation, whereas others require specific disability care. All of this is assessed in an initial consultation with your Care Coordinator at Bannister, where we’ll talk about your individual circumstances as well as the needs and preferences of your loved one.

After our in-depth conversation, our team creates a tailor-made care plan that is designed to allow you to take control of all aspects of your life again, while your family member is given the attention and support they need. To make sure you are kept in the loop during your respite, we can even arrange daily updates via text messages, phone calls or emails.

Care to fit you

The benefits of using Bannister

One of the things we’re most proud of at Bannister is that our solutions are tailored to every client’s specific needs. More than that though, we are completely transparent about our capabilities and services.

With a core service of providing support to people in their homes, we are able to help you implement any particular care requirements with our holistic care management solutions aimed to reduce the stress involved with caring for an elderly or disabled person. We can also help you navigate through questions around government subsidies and other confusing information.

Whether you simply need a short break to regain your strength or need some more in-depth advice and support, we make your wellbeing – as well as that of the person you care for – our priority.

We know that no one can look after your loved ones the way you do, they are your family after all. But, we are committed to person-centred care and offer you the ability to take a break, re-energise and look after yourself. Is there something you used to love doing but can’t enjoy anymore because of your responsibilities?

Let us help take out the anxiety and stress of supporting a family member when you’re exhausted. Give us a call and talk to us today.

We offer a free over-the-phone assessment, or you can fill in our online form to find out which of our services best suits your needs.

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