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Domestic Assistance – how will I benefit?

Pride in our home environment plays a big part in our self-esteem and confidence. As a result of ageing or living at home with a disability it can be difficult to maintain a clean and presentable home. Often family members help out when they can – but the complexities of life see many responsibilities competing for our time and it simply isn’t always possible.

People may feel reluctant to accept guests in their home if it is unclean for fear of embarrassment, or that they may have a lifestyle change forced upon them if someone decides they are not managing. Relationships with family and a person’s social community are extremely important to a person’s well-being.

In addition, cluttered and untidy environments present real risks (newspapers/tea-towels left near a stove/tripping hazards left in walkways). Much like with personal care routines, attempting too much when it is physically unsafe can lead to a critical incident and subsequent decline. Everybody deserves the satisfaction of a well cleaned home – the sense of comfort from a recent domestic assistance visit can play a big part in a positive mood.

Domestic assistance services

Domestic assistance is the support that a person may need to carry out all manner of tasks around the home. These may be basic jobs like taking out the rubbish, or a more comprehensive clean of the whole house. Either way, the end goals are the same – to make day to day life more enjoyable and to minimise the risks associated with a cluttered, untidy home.

Domestic assistance services include:

  • Taking out the rubbish
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • General cleaning
  • Vacuuming or mopping
  • Making sure food in the fridge and pantry is current
  • Sweeping outdoor areas
  • Tidying paths and steps
  • Watering plants/Gardening
  • Feeding a pet

And many more. The service can be tailored entirely to the specific needs of each client and their environment, all as part of the consumer directed care that Bannister provides.

The benefits of domestic assistance are innumerable, but a few of the most critical are the reduction of stress and risk. Knowing that these things are taken care of will boost the physical and mental well-being of the person in need.

Care to fit you

More than just convenience and cleanliness for seniors

While convenience and a clean home are very important for self-esteem and confidence, the effects of a poorly maintained environment can be physically detrimental too. A common issue seen with a lot of seniors is an increasing disregard for hygiene and cleanliness. Without a good level of hygiene in the home environment, illnesses such as the common cold can recur and potentially progress. A physical inability to wash bed linen is an example, but cognitive challenges associated with dementia or a declining sense of smell could result in any number of health concerns. There is also the stress associated for responsible family who have the impression that loved ones have a generally uncomfortable living experience.

The attraction of staying at home vs relocating to a facility is that seniors continue to enjoy their independent, personalised, familiar setting. However, the positives are undermined if they aren’t able to properly care for their home. This is something that may be overlooked by those who resist moving to a facility. If the appropriate steps aren’t taken, the very thing they have resisted may become a necessity rather than a choice.

At Bannister In Home Care, we believe that living in your own home is the best way to remain independent and active. If avoiding a residential facility is the important to you or a loved one, a few hours per week can make all the difference.

Making the most of energy

A final aspect to domestic assistance that is often overlooked is the freedom that it can provide. Energy isn’t a limitless resource, especially as you grow older, and making the most of it can have a significant impact on day-to-day life. If completing tasks like cleaning and washing sap the energy before you’ve had the chance to do anything else, there may simply not be an opportunity to simply go for a walk later in the day. This sort of activity is vital to remaining in good health and high spirits, so leave the housework to an able pair of hands and focus on doing the things you enjoy!

Ageing shouldn’t mean that you lose pride in the appearance of your home. Increasing difficulty for household chores don’t have to result in a shift to a residential facility. With the right support from a carefully matched carer, people often find renewed energy and an appetite for the enjoyable things in life that they had since given up on.

Like all of the services we provide at Bannister In Home Care, the focus is always on what suits each individual best.

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