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There is little that can trump quality time with those you care about. Whether that is while going for a walk, going shopping or simply enjoying a good cup of tea and conversation, making time for each other can be extremely fulfilling.

At the same time, there might come a time when – despite the fact that they are incredibly independent – there are some tasks your senior family members need assistance with. Similarly, you might find that life sometimes gets just too demanding to be able to spend as much social time with your loved ones as you would like or are used to.

Living a socially engaged life is more than a way of maintaining networks and relationships but can keep even the most senior members of our communities fresh, healthy and alert. Considering this, in addition to the fact that research shows people who miss out on regular social interaction are more likely to show signs of depression, making sure your loved ones are able to maintain engaged is easier than you might think.

At Bannister In Home Care, we make sure that every senior family member gets to enjoy everything life has to offer with our personalised companion care.

Companion care services

As humans, we’re inherently social beings. And, as our loved ones age, they accumulate a number of interesting experiences and stories worth sharing. After all, it can be incredibly satisfying to share an experience and reminisce on memories with someone you trust.

At Bannister, we offer seniors the companionship to do the things they love again. This means that rather than forcing social get-togethers upon an individual, we simply help them enjoy everything life has to offer with someone by their side.

Nothing can replace our closest friends, we know that. However, as life leads us in different directions, meaning that busy lifestyles and families who are spread across the globe can make it difficult to stay in constant contact. Companion care services bridge the gap between these circumstances and the desire to have a fulfilling social life.

Moreover, research shows that staying socially and mentally engaged is incredibly important for not only our personal happiness but health as well. So at Bannister, our carers are there to tailor their involvement to your needs.

Because of the nature of companion care, you get to feel valued, maintain your independence and have a sense of security that comes with having someone around.

What does companion care entail?

By definition, companion care is exactly what the name suggests: companionship. Since it’s such a person centred care approach, there is no one-size-fits-all service. Rather than provide a rigid framework, you get to directly influence what the in home care services look like.

Some seniors might want a helping hand with tasks such as writing letters and emails, learning to use the computer or other electronic device, or maybe ask for assistance in preparing a social gathering. Others enjoy company while scrapbooking or going to the theatre.

To give you the ability to have input into the personalised care plan, we first assess your and your loved one’s needs in an initial consultation with your Care Coordinator at Bannister. After a personal plan is created though, it’s not set in stone and we can arrange anything else you might want us to help with at any time.

Care to fit you

The Bannister touch

At Bannister, we know that every person is different, with a rich history of interests, hobbies and life stories. That is why we are proud to take such a person-centred approach when it comes to building connections between seniors and carers.

Since our core service is providing in home care for people, it’s incredibly important for us to take the time and get to know who you are. We recognise that your passions and interests are major factors that determine how a companion can help your family enjoy life to the fullest. Through this approach, we are able to find the right match of people – something that further improves your experience with Bannister.

Our values of respect, excellence, safety and support underlie everything we do. Let us come along with you and start enjoying what makes you passionate about life again. Reach out to our team for a chat today.

We offer a free over-the-phone assessment, or you can fill in our online form to find out which of our services best suits your needs.

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